The Shift Hits The Old Crow Bar

Written by Jimmy Cummings


When the Shift hits the fan you know Lyle Runner and Paradijm Shift are in the house. This time the Shift hit BuckeyeParadijm_Shift_and_Emily_and_the_Lost_Cat_Ramblers_copy.jpg Music Magazine and the Old Crow Bar in Middletown. This was a special night for Paradijm Shift; the show was being recorded by Chubby for an upcoming live CD and featured special guest, the always entertaining Emily and The Lost Cat Ramblers. The night was also a celebration of the birthday of Shift and Lost Cat Guitarist Chris Deppenschmidt, so despite Mother Nature’s attempt to spoil the festivities there was plenty of reasons to party it up at the Old Crow.

Emily and The Lost Cat Ramblers clawed their way into the Old Crow with their unique blend of Emily_and_The_Lost_Cat_Ramblers_at_the_Old_Crow_Bar-037.jpgFolk, Country, and Rock the band calls “Hippy-Dippy Americana Garage Rock;” I call it one of the most entertaining and enjoyable bands in the Buckeye State. The Lost Cat Ramblers are led by the lovely and talented Emily Fultz on vocals and founding members Chris Deppenschmidt (Lead guitar, Vocals) and Ramiro Garcia (Rhythm guitar, Vocals).Together with members James Heaps (Percussion, Vocals), Patrick Freeman (Bass), Bruce Mahler (Harmonica), and John Snyder (Banjo), Emily and The Lost Cat Ramblers was just what the doctor ordered for this cold Ohio winter night. The band weaved together tales of The Amazing Eight-Legged Cat throughout an awesome set that beginning with "Flashlight" and included "Stolen Chords," “Virtual Blender,” and one of my favorites called “Burn." Emily and The Lost Cat Ramblers kicked the night off with a BANG. Now that's how you warm folks up on a cold winter night; even had to shed a layer or two after that one.

Emily_and_The_Lost_Cat_Ramblers_at_the_Old_Crow_Bar-074.jpg Emily_and_The_Lost_Cat_Ramblers_at_the_Old_Crow_Bar-064.jpg

Now that was a lot of fun but the party was just getting started; the time had come for some Ohio homegrown Junk Rock by the one and only Paradijm Shift. In the early days of Paradijm Shift’s frontman Lyle Runner and Guitarist Chris Deppenschmidt functioned as a two piece band eventually evolving into its current line-up that consist of the sweet and nimble Cat Shift on the kit, and Pockets B McGee on Bass.  These guys are no strangers to Buckeye Music Magazine fans; the band’s now famous Live in the Living Room sessions were on big hit on BMM Radio and at the Old Crow Lyle and the guys were set to give us all the Shift we could handle.

The first set kicked off with a Psychedelic Rock original called “Empty Boxes” and a new kickass tune called “River Styx.” The set also included a great cover of The Cars hit “Best Friends Girl” and the fan favorite called “Marijuana Mama.”Paradijm_Shift_at_the_Old_Crow_Bar-179.jpg While many in the band re-hydrated themselves at the bar Chris D hung out near his birthday cake (which was delicious by the way) for a photo or two with fans like my wife Lisa. The second set began with the tune “Just Begun” and just when you thought Runner’s attire couldn’t get any more colorful Lyle trades in his bright orange hat for this pimp ass purple one. Not too many performers could pull off this wardrobe but somehow Runner rocks it! The set continued with a Chris D. original called “Dude Your Sister” featuring Chris on vocals then the band went into “Hypocrites” and “Arma-Get-Down.” Luckily for us the band wasn’t done yet; for their encore the band came out and rocked my favorite Shift tune called “Pair of Dimes” and ended the night with a great cover of the Spencer Davis tune called “I Am Man.”

Paradijm_Shift_at_the_Old_Crow_Bar-185.jpg Paradijm_Shift_at_the_Old_Crow_Bar-108.jpg

Paradijm_Shift_at_the_Old_Crow_Bar-116.jpg Paradijm_Shift_at_the_Old_Crow_Bar-169.jpg

This was such a fun night and despite the weather one hell of a party. BIG thanks to Paradijm Shift and Emily & The Lost Cat Ramblers for keeping our feet moving on the dance floor; freakin awesome show! Thanks to all those who braved Mother Nature’s wrath and spending your evening with us and thanks to the fine staff at the Old Crow for everything you do. We’ll keep you posted on the release of the live Paradijm Shift CD but in the mean time keep up with both bands on Facebook. More pics and videos below.

Videos by Chubby Howard

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