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Wheel's CD Release Party @ Canal Street 5-29-11

By Jimmy Cummings
 Wheel's CD Release Party@Canal Street
When I first arrived at Canal Street Tavern Sunday, May 29, I could barely believe my eyes. We were there to see the group Wheels for the second time in less than a week so I was expecting a decent crowd. But the last time I saw a crowd like this at Canal Street was at the last Werksgiving a year or two ago. I kind of said to myself, “I wonder how many of these people are family?” But the closer I looked the more I realized that it wasn’t just family; people were leaving other events to come here and see the young quartet from Yellow Springs, Ohio. There was no shortage of young girls there either, all of them anxious to see Wheels perform songs from their newly released CD Fields on Fire.
Wheel's CD Release Party@Canal Street  Wheel's CD Release Party@Canal Street
Perhaps their youth is the first thing you notice about the band, but that quickly goes away the moment the boys pick up their instruments.  These guys take the stage with the confidence you rarely see from young artist. However, tonight they were playing to a packed house; and I mean it was standing room only packed, so I wondered how the band might respond. Well if they were feeling the pressure of a packed house it didn’t show. Wheels responded with a performance of a lifetime. The band consist of members; Sam Salazar (Mandolin, Ukulele, Vocals), Rory Papania (Guitar, Banjo, Vocals), Jamie Scott (Percussion, Harmonica, Vocals), and Sam Crawford (Standup Bass).
Wheel's CD Release Party@Canal Street   Wheel's CD Release Party@Canal Street   Wheel's CD Release Party@Canal Street
The album Fields on Fire marks the first release for Wheels so it made since that they would open their show with a song from the CD titled Baby Blue (written by Salazar). The song highlights the vocal range and harmonies of the group and was a great choice to open the show. The band played one of my favorites from their CD called High Horse; written by Papania, High Horse is one of those tunes where you just close your eyes and become immersed in the story being told. In fact the entire album shows the boys are not only excellent musicians but also have a talent for songwriting as well. Sit Down, another song from the CD was written by Scott and shows the bands folk influence; particularly Bob Dyan and The Avett Brothers.
 Wheel's CD Release Party@Canal Street       Wheel's CD Release Party@Canal Street 
Top: Rory  Papania (Guitar, Banjo, Vocals), Sam Crawford (Standup Bass)
Bottom: Jamie Scott (Percussion, Harmonica, Vocals), Sam  Salazar (Mandolin, Ukulele, Vocals)
Wheel's CD Release Party@Canal Street       Wheel's CD Release Party@Canal Street
I wasn’t the only one that was impressed with Wheels performance that night. One of the coolest parts of the night was when I was sitting outside the door of Canal Street enjoying some fresh air when I noticed all the kids sitting on the sidewalk singing along with the music coming from inside. Then on my way back in I noticed that there was not anyone whose eyes were not glue to the stage. There was an energy surrounding the entire building that night that was a pleasure to witness; you had to feel good for the young men from Yellow Springs. Especially when the show ended and the guys were surrounded by friends, family, and of course plenty of girls wanting an autograph from the stars of the night. That’s right, young men; I know I referred to them as boys a lot in this article, but these fellows grew up a lot tonight. The guys from Wheels have a bright future ahead of them and it was an honor to be a part of this great night.
Wheel's CD Release Party@Canal Street

Thanks to everyone at Canal Street Tavern for hosting another memorable night of great music. Thanks to Wheels and everyone affiliated with the band (all the moms and dads) for letting Buckeye Music Magazine a part of this wonderful evening. Don’t forget the name of the CD is called Fields on Fire. Best of luck Wheels.


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