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Peace Through Music Festival 2011

Hosted by Under The Sun & the Zane Shawnee Caverns

2011 Peace Through the Music Festival
Written by Jimmy Cummings

The trip to Zane Shawnee Caverns took us through the rolling hills of western Ohio. Located in Bellefontaine, Ohio, Zane Shawnee Caverns and Southwind Park is Owned and operated by the Shawnee Nation URB. The moment you arrive at the park you feel a since of the history of this land and its people. To say this is a magical and mystical place is an understatement and the the views are breathtaking. We arrived in time to get things settle in our camp and let Chubby get all set up to record each performance. There was a lot to be excited about, my first time at the caverns and a musical line-up that was sure to please. Headlining and hosting the event was Under the Sun from Columbus. Headlining Friday night’s show was Jesse Henry and the Spikedrivers. Along with bands like The One Eyed Show, Terrapin Moon, Jahman Brahman, and more; this was going to be a great weekend.

Just for the record, there was NO raid at the caverns. There were a couple of people who were arrested, but that barley constitutes a raid. It was simply a couple of individuals who did not follow the rules; ENOUGH SAID!

One the best things about going to festivals like this, is seeing your favorite bands like Magic Jackson or Boogie Matrix. But you also get the chance to see some acts you might have heard about but never had the opportunity to see them live. There were a couple of those bands scheduled to perform Friday in Aliver Hall and Jahman Brahman. Aliver Hall from Athen, Ohio has been on my radar since friending Guitarist Alex Hall on Facebook a couple of months ago. These guys know how to rock! Buckeye Music Magazine will have more on the boys from Athens in the weeks to come.

I have been hearing a lot of talk about Jahman Brahman, so I was anxious to see what all the hype was about. Well let me tell you, it didn’t take long for this Rock & Roller to jump on the band wagon. The band can’t be shoved into a particular genre; Jahman Brahman has developed a sound that they call “shred and flow.” Call it what you want, I call it bad ass! The highlight of the day was the Spikedrivers under the lights of the guys at High Voltage Lighting. The band was without Sweeny and Megan, but no worries, the guys still know how to get the job done. The southern-fried, country-fried, bluesy Rock & Roll the band is known for was oozing off the stage. These guys know how to end a great night of music.

The music started bright and early Saturday morning when members of Blue Moon Soup took the stage at 11:30. The day had some great acts from all over the great state of Ohio including Kris Hanson, Bum Wealthy, Under the Sun and more. The heat was relentless around 4 o’clock when Magic Jackson took the stage. The guys had made the trip to the caverns from Dayton after playing a Mud Volleyball benefit earlier that morning. I asked Nathan how things went and he said, “It went great, we are good and warmed up.” That was putting it mildly, these guys were pumped. I have never heard the band sound so tight, yet look so loose and comfortable on stage. Another group that caught my attention is a group call First Street Heat from Athens. I guess the best way to describe the band is to say they are a Rock & Roll show on steroids. You have got to catch these guys live, they are a lot of fun.

Toledo’s Boogie Matrix Mechanism played to one of the biggest crowds of the festival and Johnny Kuntz and the guys freakin nailed it! The band has made some changes over the past year or so, and I have to say, these guys are better than ever. Just off the release of their fourth Album “Coaster Ride,” Boogie and team Crush are out to take the Midwest by storm. Under the Sun was the final act of the festival and the band from Columbus had to follow a fantastic set from Boogie; not an easy task, those boys ROCKED. But Jack Lewis, Danny Shuttleworth and company was up to the task and gave a performance that I am still talking about. The band seems to improve with every show, proving they are hard at work and honing their craft, becoming a true jam band contender.  The night was still young and the guys seemed to just be getting warmed up when 1 o’clock came and the music had to stop. But WOW what a weekend! The only negative thing I have to say about the weekend is that it sucked Romeo Champagne had to cut their set short. Danny Sauers and the boys were primed and ready to boogie the night away when they were told they had to end their night.

There were many more great performances throughout the weekend, too many to be able to mention them all. So on behalf of Buckeye Music Magazine let me thank all the bands who participated in Peace Fest; we have the best music scene in the Midwest. I also want to thank Russ Snyder from WTTF in Tiffin and his family and friends for their kindness as well as for feeding us all weekend; you guys are the best. Thanks also to Chad and Jeremy at High Voltage Lighting for a great light show. It is so much fun taking pictures when these guys are running lights. We want to give thanks to Jack Lewis and Under the Sun for their hospitality and for inviting us as their guest; it is an experience I will never forget, thank you. Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to the people of the Shawnee Nation as well, for allowing us to enter their sacred grounds; I hope we treated it with the respect it deserves.

The Fans
Peace Through the Music Festival


Nocturnal Arts


The Bands

Classic Rock, Blues, Funk

2011 Peace Fest

2011 Peace Fest Artist

Under the Sun

Under the Sun, (the host of the event) brought their unique blend of Funk, Jazz, Blues, and Rock to the caverns and put on quite a show. The band took the stage on Saturday night as the final act of the festival. Under the Sun is Jack Lewis (Guitar, Vocals), Danny Shuttleworth (Lead Vocals), Chase Williams (Guitar), Jeff Kassner (Bass), Tyler Austin (Keyboards), and Steven Bustos (Drums).

The Spikedrivers

The Spikedrivers were Friday nights headliner and despite the absence of Megan Palmer and Steve Sweney, the Spikedrivers brought the hills alive with their brand of what I call Americana Rock. Front-man Jesse Henry has the karisma and showmanship that is second to none. The bands show was amazing and set the mood for the next days artist.

Boogie Matrix Mechanism 

Boogie Matrix Mechanism invaded Peace Fest with Team Crush Saturday. Johnny Kuntz and the guys were on the top of their game as they rocked the caverns with old favorites and tunes from their new CD called "Coaster Ride." Band members Ben Durham (Bass, Vocals), Bob Maltby (Guitar), Johnny Kuntz (Guitar, Vocals), and Jim Kahmann (Keyboards) have honed their craft and have never sounded better.

Jahman Brahman

Jahman Brahman came to Zane Shawnee Caverns via Ashville, NC and found a welcoming committee of sorts waiting for them at Peace Fest. This was my first time to see the band live; now I know what the buzz is about. The band blends Funk, Rock, Punk, and Jazz into a powerful and unique sound. Jahman Brahman is; Justin Brown(Guitar, Vocals), Nathan Brown (Bass, Vocals), Casey Chanatry (Guitar, Vocals), and Rowdy Keelor (Drums, Vocals).

Terrapin Moon

Terrapin Moon is always a fan favorite at Summer festivals and for good reason. The Grateful Dead tribute band gives fans a different set of Dead tunes with every show and Saturday was no exception. The sun was relentless, but fans came out of their tents and out of the shade to see Charlie Roark (Guitar,Vocals), Steve Schwartz (Drums, Vocals), Dave Devore (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Bill Kurzzenberger (Keyboards, Vocals), and Butch Weaver (Bass, Vocals) do their thing

The First Street Heat

The First Street Heat is a Rock and Roll show on steroids, bringing their brand of Funk, Hip-Hop, and Soul all the way from Athens, Ohio. First Street Heat takes energy to a whole new level with its four piece horn section, dynamic vocals, and hard driving beats.The band has established themselves as a staple in the Athens community and is taking the rest of the Buckeye state by Storm.

The One-Eyed Show

The One-Eyed Show from St.Mary's, Ohio rolled into the caverns with a vengeance. Lead Singer Darren Caywood, Bassist Scott Axe, Slide Guitarist Brett Gilliland, Lead Guitarist Steve Snethkamp, and Drummer Michael Wilson take Rock, Bluegrass, Blues, and Reggae into an in your face set of great tunes. The One-Eyed Show is also host to the much anticipated Tabfest Festival in Mendon, Ohio to be held July 22&23.

Magic Jackson

Magic Jackson had a busy day Saturday; the band started their day playing a set at the annual Mud Volleyball benefit in Dayton before bringing their funk to the caverns. Playing fan favorites like Psychobabble and Daddy's Funk, the band has never sounded so tight and precise. Nathan Lewis (Guitar, Vocals), Mike McKewen (Bass, Vocals), Rob Brockman (Drums, Vocals), and John Gentry Jr. (Guitar, Vocals) continue to take Funk to the masses!

Aliver Hall

Aliver Hall from Akron, Ohio is a Rock and Roll juggernaut.Their down & dirty, in your face brand of Rock was one of the highlights of the entire festival. Drummer Matt Johnson drives the beat with his progessive style while Guitarists Alex Hall and Jim Tauscher give the band that vintage guitar sound. Bassist Spencer Cutlip's heavy Bass lines and Paulie Silvidi's pounding Keys round out the band from Akron.We will be hearing a lot from this band I am sure!

Shank Bone

Shank Bone, hailing from Columbus, the band comes to Peace Fest with their high energy, high voltage brand of Progressive Rock. The Quartet features Wib Schneider (Guitar, Vocals), Ryan Paradise (Keys, Vocals), Drew Clement (Bass), and Jared Marcowitz (Drums). The band has established quite a following in the state capital and has its sights on the rest of the Buckeye State. With influences that range from Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock, and Bob Marley it is easy to see why the bands progressive sound is so addictive.

East Coast Float

East Coast Float is another band that calls Columbus home. In existence only since December of 2010, East Coast Float is a three piece band with attitude. Band-mates Pat Kenney (Bass, Vocals), Mike Iannicello (Guitar, Vocals), and Johnny Polansky (Drums, Percusion) are finding their groove and are gaining steam with every show.

Blue Moon Soup

Blue Moon Soup From Yellow Springs, Ohio have positioned themselves as a favorite in Southwest Ohio and is a mainstay during the Summer festival season. Representing Blue Moon Soup on the Peace Fest Stage were members Ben Clonch and Brendon Moore; despite  the absence of Bassist Jon Baumman and Fiddle player Robbie Marion, the guys tore up the stage with their brand of Bluegrass and Folk. 

Rad Chad McGee

Rad Chad McGee is an aspireing Singer/Songwriter from the Dayton area. Chad can be seen a events throughout Dayton and the surrounding area jamming on his acoustic and simply jammin on his tunes. After working through the nervousness of being on the main stage, Chad warmed up and those in attendance witnessed some great folk rock Rad Chad style.


Romeo Champagne

Romeo Champagne has been grooving through Ohio and the Midwest since the band formed in 2007. Their sound is fresh and the arrangements are tight, which is evident in their debut album Guilt to Consume. But that their studio presence is only half the story; you have to see these guys live to really appreciate Romeo Champagne. The band is Danny Sauers (Sax, Harmonica, Vocals), Chris Coalt (Guitar, Vocals), Josh Johnson (Drums, Vocals), and Andrew Scorti (Bass, Vocals). 


Kris Hanson

Kris Hanson and his one-man-show arrived at Peace Fest with Guitars in hand and put together one of the best sets I've seen from the man that calls Dayton home. Hanson makes the most out of his talent; and what a talent it is. Playing not only an acoustic and guitar, Kris also blends keyboards and Bass into a unique and addictive sound. Kris has the musical talent that rival the likes of Keller Williams. High praise indeed, and well deserved.

Bum Wealthy

Bum Wealthy from Columbus describes themselves as "Genre-Jugglers," playing everything; including the kitchen sink. With a sound that combines Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Bluegrass, Bum Wealthy has something for everyone. The band has been receiving accolades from a number of local publication like Columbus Alive as well as fellow musicians. You an catch Bum Wealthy later this month at another of Ohio's premier festivals, Shamy Bash at Nelson Ledges.

The Skeetones

The Skeetones stormed into Peace Fest with their relentless brand of Electro, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Jam. The Skeetones, from Cincinnati, have shared the stage with powerhouse bands like Umphrey's McGee and Ohio's Papadosio. The band has developed and crafted their sound over the years to become a favorite to many here in the Midwest. 


Lyle Runner

Lyle Runner is a Singer/Songwriter, (and good friend), from Dayton, Ohio. Lyle has been a part of the Jam Band scene since 1992 and has earned spots on some of Ohio's biggest festival stages. In addition to Lyle's solo act, he is also a part of the group Paradijm Shift. During his set, Lyle surprised the crowd with one of my favorite tunes, a cover of Warren Zevon's Lawyer's Guns, and Money.


Cowboy Hillbilly Hippie Folk

Cowboy Hillbilly Hippie Folk calls the hustle and bustle of our state capital home, but the groups roots can be found somewhere between the Wild West and the rolling mountains of the east; Cowboy Hillbilly Hippie Folk is like taking a journey back in time. With influences that include such artist as Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia, Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, and Hank Williams, the band forges through the genre thing and into their own down-home sound.

Danny Shuttleworth

Danny Shuttleworth, front-man and Lead singer of Under the Sun took his solo act to the side stage and wowed onlookers with a 30 minute set of great Americana- Folk music. Danny is a talented musician and his voice is on par with the best in the business. In addition to his duties with Under the Sun, Danny also was MC of the event and could be seen rubbing elbows with us at the front of the stage taking photos of the action on stage.



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