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Welcome to Buckeye Music Magazine Radio, your #1 source for the best live music from some of your favorite bands. We have access to one of the biggest and best collection of live music anywhere in the country; in over 30 years our very own Chubby Howard has accumulated a lifetime of great tunes and you can hear them hear anytime you wish right hear on Buckeye Music Magazine Radio. In addition we will be bringing you that latest studio tracks from your favorite local bands. Buckeye Music Magazine Radio is proud to announce the addition of Jimmy H and Russ Snyder to the BMM Radio DJ team we will have a schedule up and running soon so check back often and we will also keep you posted on Facebook.  
Buckeye Music Magazine Radio Presents
Live in the Living Room Sessions
Join BMM Radio for our Live in the Living Room sessions with some of your favorite local artist. So far we have had the honor of hosting these sessions with the likes of Noah Wotherspoon, Tony Herdman, Clockwork Soul, Aliver Hall, and GLostik Willy. In the future we will have Nine False Suns, Soul Rebels, Blue Moon Soup, The Subterranean House Band, and many more. So join us for these live, intimate, and entertaining sessions only on BMM Radio. Coming soon, Live in the Smokeshop with Jimmy H and the Pool House sessions with Russ Snyder. Stay tuned for more details!
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