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Buckeye Music Magazine's October Artist of the Month
Written by Jimmy Cummings

This month on Buckeye Music Magazine we are honored to announce that Boogie Matrix is October’s Artist of the Month. I have seen the band several times over the past couple of years and this summer Boogie was one of the busiest acts in the Buckeye Sate. After the release of their 4th album (Coaster Ride) the band went on a tour schedule that would make some national bands envious playing such festivals as Shamy Bash, The Werk Out, Peace Fest, and more; not to mention playing some of Ohio’s best venues like Canal Street Tavern in Dayton and Headliners in Toledo. One reason for the bands success is their fan base; Team Crush is perhaps the most dedicated and enthusiastic group of fans I have seen. Everywhere the band goes Team Crush is sure to be there. With such a committed following, new fans from across the Ohio boarders (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kentucky), and a live show that will melt your face off, it’s easy to see why Boogie Matrix is one of the HOTTEST bands in the region.  

The Band

Boogie Matrix has been a fixture on the Ohio Jam Band scene since 2006. The band has been through a few changes since 2006 streamlining their line-up, but the nucleus of the group is much the same; Boogie Matrix is Ben Durham (Bass, Vocals), Bob Maltby (Guitar), Johnny Kuntz (Guitar, Vocals), Jim Kahman (Keyboards), and Seth Kafoure (Drums). The band has 4 CD’s to its credit, “Glass Candy,” “Animated Reality,” “Lasergrape,” and their 2011 release “Coaster Ride.” Boogie Matrix has a number of musical influences like Funk, Reggae, Rock, Blues, and Psychedelia for a sound that lifts you up and gets you moving. The razor sharp Guitar riffs of Kuntz and the bands improvisational abilities make Boogie Matrix one of the most electric acts in the business. Best of all Boogie Matrix calls the Buckeye State home, so that means you have plenty of opportunities to catch the band live at a venue near you; and that’s where the band really shines.
If you are planning on going to a Boogie Matrix show any time soon I encourage you to take it easy at work and get a little nap in if you can because these guys are a party machine and they have the energy on stage of two bands. The bands live show is a one of a kind experience partly due to their fans. Team Crush is an amazing group of Boogie fans that follow the band all over the state of Ohio and beyond. One reason for the fan dedication is Boogie’s knack for bringing IT to every show and the guys make it custom to hang out with fans even after a grueling set. But remember when I said the guys were party monsters? Well, if you plan to hang with Boogie and Team Crush, be prepared not too simply “party the night away,” you better be ready to CRUSH IT! So if you’re at a bar or venue and you see a poster saying that Boogie Matrix is coming to town, mark the date on your calendar, take the day off, rest up, and get ready for the time of your life.
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